Vocal Coach

For over 15 years Corinna has been cultivating the vocal talents of beginners and seasoned performers alike. Corinna teaches a form of Bell Canto vocal technique from the Herbert Caesari school of singing that instills in each singer the fundamental understanding of the voice as a natural instrument. Recognizing that singing is an extension of speech, both physically and mentally, Corinna helps students of all levels connect to the joy of singing.

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“Corinna has been the single most important influence in my development as an artist. With Corinna’s guidance, I have undergone a complete transformation as an actor and as a singer. From her I have learned how to approach text, how to play an organic character truthfully in a scene and song, and how to make strong character choices. She is an incredible role model, and her teaching has helped me gain acceptance into NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.” -Kevin Hourigan, New York University Student

“Corinna has opened my eyes in ways I never could have on my own. She elevated the crafts of acting and singing into something attainable to any dreamer. She carries herself in a professional manner, but also has the ability to relate to students and become a life long mentor and friend. Cultivating careers and confidence is Corinna’s specialty. I strongly urge anyone willing to be challenged to study with this amazing woman!” -Stephanie Makowski, Marymount Manhattan College Student

“Studying with Corinna has introduced me to a whole new world of singing. The technique she shares is one based on the natural mechanics of the voice that allows us to sing freely and effortlessly — especially when it comes to the dreaded high notes. The frustration and dissapointment I’ve felt from all the push here, lift that, it’s all about breath type of techniques has disappeared and my love of singing has been renewed. All of this has been made possible by Corinna’s expert talent in imparting these principles to her students.” -Mark Szep, Actor

“Every lesson I grow and learn new skills and techniques! Corinna pushes me to be the best that I can be, not only in singing but in all other activities that I may do. The most experienced performer could learn from her! It gives me great pride to work with her, to be a student of hers, and to know her. Corinna truly is a person everybody could learn from!” – Josh Greenburg, Wyoming Seminary Student

“Corinna Sowers-Adler has been an inspiration in my life since I was 8. She has directed me in over 30 shows. She gave me the opportunity to choreograph the entire musical theatre production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It was a great experience and certainly will never be forgotten!” – Shana Weinstock, Misericordia University Student